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Abdul Baba's Son & Daughter in Law

Jobhi Baba Deta Hai voh Le Le
Whatever Baba gives you kindly accept it.

“Baba ne jo diya hai us me hi sukh sai, Apne pas jo bhi hai usme santosh rakhna chahiye “
You should happy with your assets, which is given by Baba

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Haji Hamidbaba Pathan
Grand son of Shree Sai devotee Haji Abdulbaba Shirdi , India
  • Sai baba a genuine The Sufi saint who always think and worry about his devotees
  • Trust in Sai Baba and your life go smoothly.
  • Just take a name of god and Sai Baba and start your work.

Mr. Umesh Natvarlal Kabrawala
Surat , India

CEO : SHILSOFT software developers (

President : Sai Sumiran Charitable Trust (

“Peace and Blessings upon all lovers of Shirdi SaiBaba.

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Dr. Andrew Mezurecky
(Clinical Psychologist)

P.O.Box. 1574 , Crestline , California , USA -92325

SAI BABA AND SUFISM(Journey of Love)

 "They loved Him and He loved them" says a line in the Quran. This is essence of Sufism. There are many similarities between what Baba has expounded and Sufism teaches. In fact they are not two trends but only one and therefore the same.
"There is only one Religion: The Religion of Love."

Lead me from untruth to Truth, From darkness to Light, From death to Immortality

"God is the Light of Heaven and Earth"


Prof. Dr.Abdelfattah Badawi

Heliopolis , P.O.Box 5015.Cairo 11771, EGYPT



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