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|| Om Sai Ram ||


I am very lucky that I am grand son of Abdulbaba. Abdulbaba was favorite and nearest devotee Sai Baba among all the devotees, who served Sai Baba for 29 yrs on being with him and after baba's Mahasamadhi i.e. fill 36 years, he served impartially and spend the whole life. This service is traditionally still going on. I feel very much Proud to continue this tradition and I got the chance today also to serve Shree Sai Baba.

I hank to Mr.Umesh Kabrawala.Even though the busy schedules he is always immerse into Sai bhakti, and he had collected all the important information about Abdulbaba and placed these book "Shree Sai Parchayee" in front of you.

Jobhi Baba Deta Hai voh Le Le
Whatever Baba gives you kindly accept it.

Baba ne jo diya hai us me hi sukh sai, Apne pas job hi hai useme santosh rakhna chaiye

You should happy with your assets, which is given by Baba

Haji Hamidbaba Pathan
Grand son of shree sai devotee haji abdulbaba

|| Shri Sadguru Sainatha pranamastu ||
|| Om Sai Ram ||

From the ancient times our India has been well known for our Saints as well as literature Thousands of Saints appeared on these Spiritual land and fulfilled their cause of descent by doing their lives for the awareness of the people and went close to God.

In the age of nineteen Sai Baba first appeared in Shirdi under the Neen Tree and after some times he disappeared.

From the year 1842 to 1854 during these years is about 12 years Sai baba spent the time with his Guruji. Many people also called him Sufi Fakir ,Sai baba practiced ' Tapasya ' at the tomb of His Guruji under the neem tree in Shirdi.

In the year 1858 with the marriage party of chand patil Sai baba returned to Shirdi and remained these forever.

While giving blessings to His Devotee Sai baba used to say " Allah will do good to you " He never thought himself as Almighty but We always used to say, " Aade Hakk " that is I always recollect God.

On 15th October 1918 Tuesday, it was the day of Vijaya Dashami and in the noon at 2:30 ,Sai baba's soul left the body and went into Mahasamadhi.

Today also Sai baba is an avtar of god for his devotee. Now also He gives darshan live in the dreams to his devotee.

Sai Devotee Haji Abdulbaba

The relation between Sai Baba and Abdulbaba was of Guru ( murshid ) and sishya ( murid ).

Faith ( aistha ) was a key Teaching of Sai Baba and the same he taught many times to his of pupil and sishya, Abdulbaba which was based upon Qur'an.( his father was known by the name "choly" village people ) Abdulbaba was born in the year 1871 at Nandad near khandesh on the banks of river Tapti in northern Maharashtra. Except kaowing that his father's name. was sultsn from Nandad,nothing further was known about his parents to undergo the Sufi ascetic training his parents placed hu is son (Abdul) under the care of the Sufi master called Amiruddin of Nanded.

In 1889,when Abdul was of about 18years Saibaba appeared in the dream of Abdul master Amiruddin and gave him two ripe mangoes and instructed him to give it to Abdulbaba and send him to Shirdi Amiruddin awoke from dream and what he found that really two ripe mangoes were wring on his bad. According to Abdulbaba's own testimony Amiruddin gave him that mangoes as a gift to Saibaba and ordered to leave for Shirdi immediately As soon as Abdulbaba arrived Shirdi Sai baba welcomed him by the words "my crow has come" ( Mera kauwa ala) This Strange utterance by Baba is usually glossed over as of the Secrets more expressed statemeant.The crow is often used as a token for the worldly things of these material existence.

Saibaba called Abdulbaba in order to take care of the more worldly aspects of his daily life in Shirdi Saibaba also gave advice to Abdulbaba to devote himself to the service of Saibaba.

Abdulbaba was given the work by Saibaba to keep five Lamps lighted around the masjid (dwarkamai) and constantly it would be killed with oil and also to look after the lamp in the Lendi garden

* Sai baba's practical advice to Abdulbaba was that he should continue reading Quran un till Baba don't Stop him to read.

The Lamps in the Lendi garden was kept permanently lit by Saibaba and was protected by the pieces of metal sheet.

Abdulbaba was ever ready to perform the tasks given by Saibaba like Sweeping the Drawarkamai the chavdi or travellers rest house and even the streets removing night soil .

Abdulbaba fetched water to wash Saibaba clothes from the Small river ar the of the village he left some difficultly to wash Baba's clothes as it was totally mixed up with Udi. He also used to fill up drinking water in the casthern water pot and keep into Dwarkamai and chavdi.

Abdulbaba was not given good easily by. He has to get food somehow by begging like Saibaba himself used to do. He lived in one stable for 5 to 6 years. He has to work as a street cleaner and also read the Quran sitting beside the Saibaba all the night.

* Further Baba advices Abdulbaba and said “Eat very little do not go for the variety of food A signal dish is Sufficient Do not sleep much".

Abdulbaba followed all the instructions and at very little. He keep awake all the night in keenly posture repeating the Quran or meditating Sai Baba told him to keep resiving on what he ready in Quran Saibaba said to Abdulbaba that he should meditate and try to understand who is Saibaba? Abdulbaba used to write down what Saibaba says in different pages and keep it with him Sometimes Saibaba also wrote in those pages.

Sai Baba Protected Abdulbaba by keeping always with him

In the search to recover the Bhakti aspects of Sai baba one of the most significant figures among his close devotee was Abdulbaba. Abdulbaba was the only one long time Muslim Servitor of Sai baba. He lived with Saibaba in Shirdi for a Continuous period of twenty nine years before Saibaba Mahasamadhi in 1918 After Baba's Mahasamadhi also Abdulbaba continued living in Shirdi for brother thirty six years tending Saibaba's shine until his own death in 1954.

Abdulbaba's Samadhi is been kept under the temple premises in front of Saibaba's Samadhi and his cottage (zopdi) is also in the front of Saibaba's chavdi.This Shows that among all the devotee Sai baba always wanted to keep Abdulbaba with him.

Abdulbaba commanded the respects of the wide circle of Hindu and Muslims devotee. Many Rohillas (muslims) came to shirdi and Abdulbaba honored a number of saints Rohills and fakirs who visited Shirdi for Darshan of Saibaba.

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