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“Peace and Blessings upon all lovers of Shirdi SaiBaba. "

Views of Sufism according to Dr. Andrew Mezurecky (Clinical Psychologist)

Address: P.O. Box 1574 , Crestline , California . USA.92325

Dr. Andrew Mezurecky’s specialization for the past 35 years has been Sufism and now He teaches Sufism for Shirdi SAI BABA, exclusively.

::::: Sab ka Malik Ek ::::

“Peace and Blessings upon all lovers of Shirdi SaiBaba. "

The first thing we must understand about Baba's Sufism is that it is an open spiritual doorway for human beings of all races, castes and religious creeds. "Real Sufism" as Baba calls it is an ancient path of transformation which exists back in time before recorded history.

This "transformation" we are speaking of here is the change for a person from their ego being their center of gravity to the higher aspects of their emotional/spiritual heart as the place that they will live, work and rest The beginning of this dynamic process starts when a person chooses to really "turn" toward the realm of the spirit.

This realm as the ancient rishis, sadguru's, Sufi’s found in their experience was beyond but not against religion.

This spiritual Sufi transformation also begins when a human being wishes [consciously] to be of greater and greater service to God and his fellow human beings.

This why I love the work of Sai Sumiran Charitable Trust because they are regularly performing the greatest Sufi sadhana--------FEEDING THE POOR. Feed the poor yourself in your town, city, or village even if it is one person you are feeding and tell them as you give the food "GOD sees you and HE LOVES you".

I promise you that if you do this GOD will give you spiritual experiences no other practice will bring. A perfect example of this teaching is SaiBaba himself cooking and feeding anyone hungry in Shirdi including the animals. Even though he would cook a huge pot of food for the people he himself followed the custom of the Sufi fakir and ate only five handfuls of the food he cooked. Remember this teaching each day because in our practice of feeding poor people we are modeling after GOD Himself WHO each and every second feeds the complete created universes with HIS LOVE without which all would simply disappear.

The highest "LOVE" in Sufism is "objective love" the love that serves God and our fellow man.

This relates to an ancient teaching in Sufism that God in creating the visible and invisible universes sustains or keeps those creations in existence by "feeding" these created bodies, planets etc.,

His Love which let's them exist and continue to exist in each and every moment.

All the aulia's have said that there is no greater sadhana than to physically feed poor people and as you well know this is well exemplified by the life of our own Saibaba.

Peace and Blessings upon all of us

About Dr. Andrew Mezurecky

  Dr. Andrew Mezurecky is a Doctorate in clinical psychology [with honors] in 1976.

Later in 1987 he finished a five year post doctoral certificate program in advanced medical psychology, somatic psychological body work, psychoanalytic character analysis and bioenergetics analysis. During this training program he was fortunate to publish an article on character analysis in England .

In the spiritual realm God called me unto Himself by being drawn initially to the branch of the Chistiayya tariqa in 1970. Again in about 1987 he was redrawn to the Malawiyya [Mevlevi] tariqah of Mevlana Jajaluddin Rumi. He did sit in the halka of Shaykh Hamid al-Malawiyya for seven continuous yuears. Here He studied and practiced advanced dhikr, breath work, sufi jana, service,repentance and many more topics. I studied the classic sufi masters, faruddin attar, auuddin Naqsband, Ibn al_Arabi, Mansur al-Hallaj, Abdul Kadir Jilani etc.

His mission statement form Sai Baba is to be friends with all Sufi’s and in addition to teach three men [only]. Sufism in great depth taking them as Baba puts it from being "caterpillars to butteries".

Dr. Andrew Mezurecky is a very big Bhakt of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba.

He is representative for communication of “Sai Sumiran Charitable Trust” in USA .

Dr. Andrew Mezurecky
Address: P.O. Box 1574 , Crestline , California . USA.92325

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